Monday, March 17, 2014

Tales of Valoran #38


I'm doing some comics featuring Leona and some ADCs, I want to go sonic fast with these ones because it's a single long story.
Also, thanks for the advices about the video card thing, I reinstalled my drivers and cleaned the fan and it works fine now.


  1. *Panth walks back*
    *Sees Graves staring at mostly-naked Childhood Friend*

  2. dang, hopefully Panth makes enough to pay for that roof...

  3. He should have taken her to the bakery, she could hold the bakery sign instead of her shield :)

  4. Yeah, Leona best !

  5. In the end, she wore nothing but light |D

  6. Thanks Lendo! Leona is really adorable~

  7. What i want to see is, what TF will do with that stretchy outfit. I imagine him playing pretty to the mirror, lets hope Riven (his apprentice) wont open in on him.

  8. Wait, why is Graves playing cards with TF instead of trying to kill him?
    Good ol' days? :P

    1. there forbidden to fight outside the league

  9. An update yay! Poor Leona.

  10. Nice work lendo, keep up the good work :)

  11. suddenly Diana jumps in (because she heard that Leona is in town)
    sees Leona almost naked
    option a)
    she decide to kick TF and Graves ass and give Leona her clothes back (tsundere Diana)
    awkward moment ...
    option b)
    Diana joins game so she can win and strip Leona full naked (humilation hah!)
    TF won and both Diana and Leona are left in underwear
    Panth return and see both girls almost naked = nosebleed

  12. Dat subtle smirk on TF face last panel

  13. I guess he was off to the bakery!

  14. Quick, use a smoke grenade.

    Oh god, that just made things worse!

  15. More please! :D

  16. LOL I just noticed Leona's cards are backwards! lol I'm not sure if she's asking graves not to look at her embarrassing failure at cards or TF to "please don't look..." at her cards. Oh how I love your comics Lendo.

  17. Leona's face in the first panel is so funny XD

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