Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog post: IEM NY

I spent this weekend watching the Intel Extreme Masters NY streams, I enjoyed most of the games, and my favorite was SK gaming, I expected them to win the finals, but they lost 2-0 against Fnatic.

I really liked one of the teamfights in the first game. SK tried to initiate a fight by the river, but they started without Taric and Cass. Shushei managed to split them using one of his barrels and Warwick got killed before anyone else could help him. Then Janna used her ult to split the rest of the team one more time, pushing back Nasus and don't allowing him to help Cait, (who got killed in 3 seconds anyway).

You can see the fight here IEM NewYork Finals - Fnatic vs SK Game1 It starts at minute 20:30.

I made the drawings just after the game ended and I couldn't remember exactly how the fight went, or the skins they were using. Also, the next day I found a youtube video of the game,  and it wasn't as spectacular as I thought it was. Still It's my favorite moment of the finals, more than the Urgot ace or Tristana headbutting Anivia's wall.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Balance in all things

Comic, I guess.